Pai Gow TablePai-Gow in its original form is an ancient Chinese game that dates back to the Song Dynasty in China. This game used tiles similar to dominoes and was played in a fashion similar to poker. The version that is seen most often in casinos today only loosely resembles this ancient game -- it is commonly referred to as Pai-Gow, but the actual name of the game is "Pai-Gow Poker" and includes some strong variants on the original game.

Pai-Gow Poker is the game that we will be discussing here, as it is the game that you are most likely to run into in a casino.

Pai-Gow Poker (also called "two-hand poker") is a game where seven cards are dealt to each player. The players and dealer must then separate their cards into two hands -- a five-card hand (called the "high" hand), and a two-card hand (called the "low" hand). The hands are ranked in the same way as poker hands (pairs, straights, flushes, etc). As a general rule, players cannot "foul" their hand, which means the player's low hand outranks their high hand. For instance, if the players high hand is "high card", and their low hand is "one pair"... the player has fouled their hand, and the hand is invalid.

Other than not fouling their hand, players are free to set their hand in any way they please. The dealer on the other hand, must set their hand according to the "house ways" which is essentially a pre-defined manner of arranging their cards.

The remainder of the rules for Pai-Gow Poker are fairly complicated -- too much so to go in-depth on this page -- and it can sometimes seem overwhelming at first, but after seeing a few hands played it begins to make sense.


Although the game is a bit complicated to deal. Our instructors at the Casino Dealer School are experts in the art of dealing this game, and will show you how to properly deal this game in a way that makes perfect sense, even to the most novice dealer.

Dealing this game can be easy when you learn the right way from the beginning. We are committed to making sure that you learn the game properly from day one. We pay attention to the details and make sure that when you go for your first live audition, you are instilled with confidence and able to deal the game exactly as you are supposed to... often-times, even better than seasoned dealers!

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