Craps TableCraps is young compared to some of the other games played in the casino -- young in that it is believed to date back only to the crusades in Europe. In it's current form though, it is believed to date back to a French game that was introduced to the Americas by a nobleman in present-day Louisiana.

The game is played on the premise of betting on the possible outcomes of the dice. The goal of the game is for the shooter to "make their point", which means they roll the same number twice before rolling a seven (which is statistically the most likely number to roll). When the game was first introduced, it had a flaw in that players could only bet with the shooter, and could not bet against them. This led to unscroupulous people introducing loaded dice to the game (dice that were weighted on one side, causing numbers to roll more often than was statisically probable). This problem was solved by allowing players to bet with or against the shooter, so that if loaded dice were used, players could still win by betting with this probability.


Imagine if you were a sales person and your contact stated that you automatically receive 10% of whatever profits your co-workers bring in!

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a craps dealer!

Craps dealers do quite a bit of work (both mentally and physically), and as a result they are the highest-paid dealers in the casino. In addition to their base salary, they take in whatever tips they earn on their own game in addition to 10% of whatever the rest of the dealers in the casino make! Craps dealers in some of the best markets can pull in six-figure salaries! How awesome is that?

And in addition to that, craps is an incredibly fun game to deal! Good fun, and pays well!

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