Casino-Themed Parties

Vegas-style play right at your next corporate party, fundraiser or special event.

Casino Party Company brings Vegas-style action and excitement to your party. Let our professional, experienced staff help you plan an event your guests will be talking about for years.

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Choose from these Popular Games:

Hosting a casino-themed party is easy when you choose Casino Party Company as your event partner.

Choose your games and we deliver, setup, provide qualified dealers, chips, tokens, dice, cards, funny-money and all the gaming equipment you will need.

How It Works

Imagine going to a casino with a wad of money. Because guests only play with fake money, they experience the thrill of placing those big bets they might never try in real life.

At a casino night party, no actual gaming is involved. Typically, each guest receives an equal amount of funny-money to start off their casino-night experience. They play the table games and win - or loose - as skill and Lady Luck mandates.

Awards and Prizes

At the end of the evening - usually the last 20 to 45 minutes -the funny-money can be redeemed for prizes (provided by the party host).

What do your guests win? A new car? A ski trip for two? A whoopie cushion? You provide the prizes, so you decide. It's the thrill of winning that fuels casino night - not the actual value of the prize. Be creative and have fun.



Casino Party Company provides you with everything you will need for a successful casino night including: Chips, dice, cards, and raffle tickets!

Prices and Capacities

How Many Games Will I Need?

You should plan on having a gaming slot for at least 50% of your guests. Each game can accommodate a different number of players.

For Example: If you have 100 guest, you will need enough games so about 50 people can play.

Sample for 50 guests:
3 Blackjack tables - 7 people per table (x3 = 21 people)
1 Craps - 14 people per table
1 Roulette - 6 people per table
1 Texas Hold 'Em = 10 people

Total = 51 gaming slots

Add flair to your event

How Much Will It Cost?

Games start at $215 for 4 hours. So far, the average Casino Party Company corporate party runs around $1500.

Once you have your games selected, multiple the price of each game by the number of tables you will need.

Sample for 50 guests:
3 Blackjack tables (3x $215) = $645
1 Craps ($475)
1 Roulette ($285)
1 Texas Hold 'Em ($215)

Total = $1620
(Tax and delivery/ set up not included)

Need help? Don't worry. Our professional staff is here to help make sure you have the games you need to keep your quests having fun.

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We will help you plan your games and budget over the phone.


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